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Tactical Vests—Essential Equipment Officers Can Live With

Because police officers never know what type of weapons or perpetrators they may come up against, wearing the right tactical vest can mean the difference between walking away from a criminal assault and facing a potentially fatal or disabling injury.

All over the world, law enforcement officers wear protective tactical vests made with Kevlar® brand fiber. That’s because statistics have consistently shown that wearing personal body armor reduces the chance of bodily injury or death caused by physical, ballistic, stab, and slash attacks. Body armor made with 100% Kevlar® brand fiber is a vital way to help supplement the safety training law enforcement officers receive.

Made with DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fiber, bullet-resistant tactical vests work by “catching” a bullet in a multilayer web of woven fabrics. Just as different Kevlar® fabrics are tailored to specific threats, different layers in the weave have different tasks. Whether it’s engaging a fast-moving projectile or helping to stop the blunted bullet, body armor made with Kevlar® fiber helps offer law enforcement officers superior protection in multiple situations. 

Since we first started helping protect officers with tactical vests made with Kevlar®, fiber, DuPont has been committed to developing new technologies to help improve officer safety.  The latest innovation in Kevlar® technology for tactical vests is next-generation Kevlar® XP™ technology. Law enforcement and corrections officers can expect new Kevlar® XP™ technology to help manufacturers design vests that can reduce back face deformation by 15% or more. Officers will also enjoy a 10% reduction in overall weight. Like the thousands of men and women who wear protective vests made with Kevlar® brand fiber, DuPont is committed to helping protect and save lives.



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